Friday, September 3, 2010

HOT5 Daily 9/3/2010

1. "Your Guide To Liberals In Trouble (Pic)" That pretty much covers it.

Representative Sample: It's a graphic.

2. "Obama Administration Distrusts Armed Americans" Unless they are under direct government control of course.

Representative Sample: Americans can’t be trusted with guns; at least that’s what many are reading into Obama’s cancellation of a deal in which Korea wanted to sell 87,310 M1 Garands and 770,160 M1 Carbines as collector’s items to individual American citizens.

3. "The Seven Cs of Atheism" A nice encapsulation of an atheist outlook that is generally shared among all atheists. That's difficult to come up with since atheists vary wildly.

Representative Sample: Atheism is a conservative position. We accept statements only so far as there is reason and/or evidence to back them up. Anything else is speculation. We make no leaps of faith. If there should some day be a compelling reason or piece of evidence for a god, then we would acknowledge it and change our views.

4. "Pentagon Bomber Evolution Underway" Who knows what they'll come up with? But I have one prediction. Whatever it is, it will cost way more than initially projected.

Representative Sample: Bomber advocates are monitoring laser weapons in the 100-kw.-class, considered adequate to kill an incoming missile. Combined with ELO, this could give a bomber the ability to survive against current and projected threats.

5. "Crash-Test Corpses" Thinking about donating your body to science (assuming you are finished with it)? Here are some ways it might be used.

Representative Sample: The military also relies on donated bodies. The Army, for example, occasionally uses cadavers to test safety equipment for soldiers. In 1999, researchers suspended corpses in full battle uniform above simulated minefields to find out which footwear would be best for minesweepers.

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