Saturday, September 4, 2010

HOT5 Daily 9/4/2010

1. "Tony Blair: Why America Is Great And Needed" His whole interview is worth reading. 

Representative Sample: America is great for a reason. It is looked up to, despite all the criticism, for a reason. There is a nobility in the American character that has been developed over the centuries

2. "The Battle for Turkey’s Constitution" What's going on in Turkey. 

Representative Sample: On September 12, Turks will vote on a set of constitutional amendments proposed by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), which has been in power for eight years. Since the vote falls on the 30th anniversary of the 1980 military coup, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is portraying the referendum as an opportunity to reject the military regime’s legacy.

3. "'Government Efficiency’" Oxymoron?.  

Representative Sample: Government is unconcerned with “profit.” The “cost” of government is equal to the taxes extracted from the private sector to pay for government activities, plus the economic damage caused by extracting resources from the private sector. Taxes are involuntarily obtained through compulsion and force. Regardless of the value a citizen assigns to the services provided by government, a citizen must pay for those services, and at a price set by government.

4. "Craigslist Censored: Erotic Craigslist Adult Section Removed" Craigslist gives in to pressure from crusading do-gooders. 

Representative Sample: For the past two years Craigslist has endured the wagging fingers of politicians and news reporters alike. Prostitution is all their fault, or so he mantra goes by our elected leaders and news media, because some of the adds in the erotic section are women soliciting sex. Every time a hooker gets beat up via solicitation on Craigslist it seems to make national news.

5. "Shocked, with an extra helping of sarcasm on the side." Muslim cleric calls for someone to be beheaded. Ho hum.

Representative Sample: “Clerics” like the one calling for Geert Wilders’ head support the unbelievably cruel treatment of women — real oppression, not an almost undetectable wage discrepancy. Female genital mutilation. Arranged marriages. Honor killings. Those sorts of things.

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