Thursday, September 9, 2010

HOT5 Daily 9/9/2010

1. "Possible Burning of One Koran; Definite Burning of One Million News Stories" Puts the ridiculous hysteria about one nut burning a Koran into perspective.

Representative Sample: Every day, there are massive lies told intended to incite people to hate the West and America, Christians and Jews. Every day, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, and Jews are being persecuted and in some cases driven out of Muslim majority countries with no one in the Western power establishment even noticing, must less protesting.

2. "Obama's Ideological Death Grip" Clinging to class warfare. And people wonder why he gets called a socialist.

Representative Sample: Obama's obsession with playing class warfare politics is his undoing, not because it necessarily loses him support in isolation, but because it makes him seem petty and vindictive, and damages the economy.

3. "Your Claims Should Be Laughed At" Supernatural claims with no evidence backing them up do not deserve respect. Includes cartoon.

Representative Sample: If you tell your neighbor that an elf lives in your house, he/she might not doubt you at first, but later when you still cannot produce physical evidence for this unusual visitor your neighbor will either worry about your mental condition or laugh at you.

4. "Hypocrisy Alert: Muslim group ISNA condemning Florida Koran burning takes money from Saudi government who incinerates Bibles as a matter of policy" There's hypocrisy all over the place on this issue.

Representative Sample: when Ingrid Mattson starts lecturing us about book burnings, she should remove the log from her eye before trying to remove the mote in ours. Oh, wait, that's a Christian virtue, not a Muslim one. Never mind.

5. ""An Amoral Manifesto"" I don't agree with most of this, but it's an interesting argument. Links to a more extensive article.

Representative Sample: He argues for a kind of amoralism (which seems correct to me). He also affirms the theistic argument that without a God, there cannot be the kind of (hard) morality as we usually understand it. That also seems to me to be correct. Hence, since there is, in all likelihood, no God, there is also no morality.

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