Friday, October 1, 2010

Another Annoying Power Outage

The town I live in seems to have one of the worst power supplies around. Almost every time there is any sort of bad weather the power flickers, or goes out entirely. The last time it was out for 21 hours, ruining all our food in the freezer and refrigerator. Last night it went out at 2am, after the worst of the storm had already passed. For reasons unknown, power was not restored until after 3pm today. I'm just now getting online at work, so that's why there was no HOT5 today.


  1. Damn....that sucks.
    Sorry they aren't better aboout getting your power back on quicker.
    Sounds like they need to replace some old equipment at the power station(s) or at the poles....but I'm no expert.

    SB Smith

  2. I was hoping after the last massive outage -- which affected thousands of people -- that they would have done some major rebuilding. But that was apparently not the case.