Monday, October 4, 2010

HOT5 Daily 10/4/2010

1. "The Real Moderate Muslims Come to Capitol Hill" Something that deserves to be highlighted. These people probably speak for many American Muslims much more than the likes of CAIR.

Representative Sample: This diverse group of speakers shared one main thing: All were non-Islamist Muslims who are usually ignored by Congress, the executive branch and the mainstream media. None was involved with Islamist groups linked to Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood; none was an unindicted co-conspirator in terror-finance cases; and none is an apologist for radical Islam.

2. "Catholics, secularism, and Nazism" Things to keep in mind the next time the Pope tries to link atheism and Nazism. 

Representative Sample: Germany’s Catholics celebrated the Concordat with a joyous Mass of thanksgiving at St. Hedwig’s Cathedral in Berlin, with the papal nuncio himself presiding. Nazi flags mingled with Catholic banners, and the Nazi “Horst Wessel song” was sung along with Catholic hymns, while thousands listened on loudspeakers outside.

3. "1920: The Great Depression That Wasn't" Averted by letting the free market work.  Imagine that.

Representative Sample: The Panic of 1920 started out as a contender for the greatest depression of all time, with a drop in prices and production during its first twelve months that dwarfed those of any other economic crash, and she piled on an unemployment rate that skyrocketed from invisible to 12% in a flash. Ignoring calls to do something, anything, to "help", Washington, DC simply allowed the economy to adjust wherever it chose to go.

4. "Alcohol in the Persian Gulf" If you are an alcoholic traveling to the Persian Gulf, this is definitely a must-read -- complete with handy chart. 

Representative Sample: The monarchies of the Persian Gulf are strictly Muslim countries, but take very different views on alcohol. Trying to figure out the alcohol policies of the GCC, I drew up this map, using the information that I believe is correct

5. "Meet the Guy Living in His Mom’s Basement: Dennis Markuze" Includes photo of spammer DM who often infects the comments on this and other blogs.

Representative Sample: Let’s face it. Dennis looks just like we thought.

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