Friday, October 22, 2010

HOT5 Daily 10/22/2010

1. "Who Really Puts Islam in a Bad Light?" Answering that question accurately supposedly makes you a bigot.

Representative Sample: When the United Arab Emirates passes a law stating that it’s not domestic abuse to beat your wife just so long as she bears no bruises, that doesn’t paint Islam in a bad light?.

2. "BREAKING: Conference facility caves to pressure from Islamic groups, bans Mark Steyn from speaking" One of the many examples of why people worry about Islam. Terrorism is not the only threat. The attempt to silence those who give some sort of offense to Muslims, in conjunction with the politically correct left, is a major problem north of our border.

Representative Sample: received a phone call from the LCC telling us that our venue had been pulled, and that Mark Steyn would not be permitted to speak there. The reason offered by the LCC was that they had received pressure from local Islamic groups, and they didn’t want to alienate their Muslim clients.

3. "Sainthood" Some good points.

Representative Sample: here’s a topic near and dear to my past. As many of you know (or perhaps don’t), I’m a recovering Catholic of the Roman variety. When I was just a wee one, throughout my prepubescent years, I was indoctrinated, primarily by nuns, but often by priests, with the concept of the Society of Saints. Just about every day was dedicated to some Saint, and we were instructed to pray to that saint to intercede with God or Jesus or Mary or someone (never fully explained) to give us whatever it was that was that particular saint’s specialty.

4. "The Gettysburg Strategic Operation and the Future of Operations?" Interesting.

Representative Sample: What’s the future of the operation? Recent military writing seems to place it within the complex operations paradigm, rooted in holistic cooperation, design, and the use of systems and framing. While I don’t doubt that systems, design, and complexity are in the future of Anglophone operational theory, we should also be cautious about projecting our perceptions from the current wars into the future.

5. "RiotBot -- Armed for Close Combat" Robotic riot police. It looks pretty nasty.

Representative Sample: The Spanish company TechnoRobot has introduced here the RiotBot – a new class of unmanned platform designed for intervention in riots, prison disturbances, or other civil disorders, where neutralization of specific elements is required by law enforcement agents, avoiding direct contact with the crowd.

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