Monday, October 25, 2010

HOT5 Daily 10/25/2010

1. "What's The Model For Our Lifetimes: World War Or Cold War?" A pretty good analogy. 

Representative Sample: The key year here, then, is not 1939, when Germany launched war, but the far less-well-known year of 1946, when most of the West had not yet awoken to face the challenge and was riddled with apologists and would-be appeasers. America and Western Europe were exhausted from too many battles

2. "Liberal Dogma on Social Security Redux" Which prevents reform.

Representative Sample: Left-wing voices also continue to repeat the mantra that introducing private Social Security accounts would be a bad idea. Ronald Brownstein’s recent recent column in the National Journal is a case in point. However, Brownstein’s readers may come away thinking that he believes breaking promises is a good idea.

3. "Religious answers are easier than advanced physics" True.  

Representative Sample: If someone says "God made it" - that's a lot easier to understand or accept than a complex explanation like the ones provided by Hawking and Krauss. If you read "The Grand Design" you can see how modern physics has proved that our day to day thinking processes are not useful when trying to understand the cosmos or very small things like atoms. Things don't happen as we'd expect 

4. "17,000 Reasons To Respect China" Chinese artillery. 

Representative Sample: The Chinese 1st Artillery Division, which is stationed near the coast, opposite Taiwan, is one of the best equipped, and ready-for-combat units in the army. It's five regiments contain 152mm howitzers (both towed and self-propelled), 130mm guns, 100mm assault guns, 300mm rockets and ATGMs (anti-tank guided missile).  

5. "How Wikileaks Exposes a New Mission for the Infantry" Drone recovery.

Representative Sample: Scanning through the leaked documents over the weekend, it’s interesting to note a new mission that UAVs have helped to invent for infantrymen – UAV recovery. The relevant documents tell the tale of Quick Reaction Forces and patrols being sent out, or rerouted from ongoing missions, to try and recover or locate UAVs

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