Monday, October 11, 2010

HOT5 Daily 10/11/2010

1. "Obama's Janus-faced campaign against American businesses" And people wonder why Obama gets accused of being a socialist.. 

Representative Sample: Obama's recent attack on The Chamber of Commerce reveals his underlying disdain of private enterprise, and how he believes there is a cabal of businesses not yet pleased being under government control which are fighting against the progressive agenda. 

2. "The Double Standard of the West Toward Israel" Pretty much nails it. 

Representative Sample: when a Jew sneezes on a Muslim, it is reported in the Israeli newspapers, Israelis discuss the right and wrong of it, the UN severely condemns the action, Muslim sympathizers call it a massacre, and self-loathing American idiot Jews write articles about the Israeli apartheid state.

3. "Forget the Trinity – America Has 4 (Or More) Gods!" Very interesting analysis that breaks down categories of belief about God, and how those beliefs affect other attitudes.  

Representative Sample: In a new book entitled, America’s Four Gods, Professors Paul Froese and Christopher Bader, of Baylor University, contend that American conceptions of their god tend to fall into four distinct types: authoritarian, benevolent, critical and distant.

4. "When We Decided to Lose" In the words of Napoleon, "The moral is to the physical as three to one."

Representative Sample: On such decisions are victories and defeats made. They are not inevitable. The results may seem clear and inevitable after the fact, but when the result is in the balance, our choices can make the difference.

5. "Why [is] China's Air Force in Turkey?" A look at the implications.

Representative Sample: Sometime during September, an unknown number of China's People's Liberation Army Air Force Russian-built Su-27 and Mig-29 fighters landed at the huge Konya airbase in Turkey's central Anatolia region.

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