Sunday, October 10, 2010

HOT5 Daily 10/10/2010

1. "They can’t handle the truth" Democrats just can't figure out why people don't like their message. 

Representative Sample: Most people have seen plenty enough evidence by now of what they really stand for: more government, more spending, more bureaucracy, more regulation, more taxes, less freedom, and ever-shrinking horizons and possibilities.

2. "Who Are Israel’s Friends?" Breaking down a recent survey. 

Representative Sample: I’ll begin with a general observation: almost all the support for Israel statistically comes from non-Jews. This is simply a mathematical reality. The poll sampled 1,000 voters, only 1.6 percent of whom were Jewish (slightly below the commonly used 2 percent figure). Fifty-eight percent were Protestant, and 25 percent were Catholic. That means the overwhelming number of those who support Israel, as is the case in the general population, are non-Jews.

3. "I Feel Sorry For John Amato" A nice take-down of leftist idiocy.  

Representative Sample: This mindset, simplified, is that whatever you say that I don't like is racist, and therefore, I win. It is their ultimate, catch-all defense mechanism, now worn to the point of toothlessness.

4. "2010 Physics Nobel Well Deserved" Includes interesting link to article about graphene. 

Representative Sample:  this year the Swedish Academy has really done themselves proud, granting the prize to two University of Manchester researchers (Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov) who did pioneering work on graphene.

5. "Why The B-52 Got $11.9 Billion" Actually it's very unclear. But the B-52's longevity and versatility is amazing.

Representative Sample: When the Air Force announced an $11.9 billion sustainment contract to Boeing last week for the venerable and enduring B-52 eyebrows shot up along the Potomac, especially on Capitol Hill.

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  1. RE #5 >"It appeared to provide roughly $127 million per airplane spread out over eight years"

    That's about twenty percent of the current cost of one airplane ($76 million according to the linked article.)

    That's not out of line for an annual maintenance contract on a complex industrial machine or process.