Saturday, October 2, 2010

HOT5 Daily 10/2/2010

1. "Obama’s Top 10 Broken Promises (So Far)" It must have been difficult to narrow it down to 10. 

Representative Sample: An earmark is a requirement that money approved by Congress be spent in a specific way requested by a lawmaker. Once the numbers came in, President Barack Obama was unable to keep his promise to hold earmarks to less than the level they were at before 1994 ($7.8 billion a year). Big surprise.

2. "CATO: Most Fiscally Conservative Governors" Includes link to the full list and analysis. 

Representative Sample: There were not many surprises. Republicans tended to bunch up at the top of the list with 'A's and 'B's. There were a couple dissapointing exceptions - Connecticut's Jodi Roell, Hawaii's Linda Lingle, and Florida's Charlie Crist who's not really a Republican, though listed as such.

3. "Just how many Religions are there?" A nice breakdown of some of the major ones.  

Representative Sample: When you research the history and evolution of religions, it becomes clear that they have changed and evolved to suit their location and to blend with beliefs that people had before the new religion came along. So to imagine that a religion has any actual truth is just that - imagination.

4. "Environmentalists Exaggerate. Again" I know, hard to believe. 

Representative Sample: To say they are “overestimating” the number of species going extinct is to be very kind to them. A more accurate headline for this would be, “scientists discover that environmentalist doomsayers are making stuff up”.

5. "Why young adults change their religious beliefs" Partially due to genetics?

Representative Sample: A recent study has looked at this using data from two twin studies in Colorado, USA. The basic idea is simple: they measured religiosity at around 12-18 years old, and then again around 5 years later.

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