Wednesday, October 6, 2010

HOT5 Daily 10/6/2010

1. "Why Corporate Executives Get the Big Bucks" A simple, easy-to-understand explanation. Should be read by all class-warfare promoters.

Representative Sample: The reason that American executives continue to pull down so much dough relative to the rest of the world is that in America you can walk out the door, start your own business and rise to the top of an industry. You can’t do that in corporatist systems like those in Europe, because the state protects large corporations from internal and external competition. It is much, much more difficult to grow a business into a giant in Europe than in American. That lack of freedom reduces the choices of executives and keeps executive compensation down.

2. "Taxes to Rise, Unless..." Bad things that will happen unless the Bush tax cuts are extended/made permanent. 

Representative Sample: When combined with inaction on the Bush tax cuts affecting marginal rates, taxpayers would be hit with a tax increase that easily tops $4 trillion over the decade if all the tax issues are untouched. Next year’s increase alone would amount to over $200 billion

3. "Michael Kinsley on intellectual honesty" Something many people could benefit from reading.

Representative Sample:  the media — the supposed watchdog — is unequipped, unable, and unwilling to live up to its duties and defined purposes. This isn’t necessarily the result of a diabolical scheme, its the result of market forces. We’ve demanded and approved of intellectual dishonesty so long as its “our” guy being dishonest. This type of behavior has become deeply entrenched in government and mass media and now permeates throughout public life.

4. "100% of the 25 most crime-infested neighborhoods in the USA are longtime Democrat controlled districts" Not a bit surprising. Links to the list of most dangerous neighborhoods. 


5. "Tolerance? Not so much in the Muslim world" Based on a new study in Indonesia.

Representative Sample: Recent surveys indicate that Indonesian Muslims are increasingly intolerant of other religions, this according to a report published by the Jakarta-based Islamic National University (UIN). This has taken the form of non-acceptance by Muslims of non-Muslim teachers in public schools and opposition to new churches or non-Muslim places of worship.

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