Tuesday, October 26, 2010

HOT5 Daily 10/26/2010

1. "Impertinent Questions: What Are The Resources Of The State?" Force as a resource. 

Representative Sample: The government might be able to make a little money from fees for services rendered, or leasing property it owns. As it turns out, most of the government’s attempts to turn a “profit” are dismal failures – the Post Office and Amtrak spring to mind as examples. It always ends up using compulsive force to subsidize its losses, or rig the market against private-sector competitors. The vast majority of its funds are collected through compulsory taxes

2. "Protectionism’s temptations"  We need to resist temptation. 

Representative Sample: Record-high government spending, a hostile tax environment for individuals and corporations, takeovers of large sections of the economy (mortgages, automakers, healthcare), and protectionistic policies are a recipe for disaster.

3. "What you can't say about Islam - the backlash against Elizabeth Moon" Science fiction writer dis-invited from convention over some largely accurate and reasonable remarks on Islam. Note the leftist tools in the comment section hyperventilating and spouting the usual nonsense.

Representative Sample: Whether or we agree with them or not, I find it extraordinary that her remarks would lead to her no longer being welcome as a guest of honour at a science fiction convention. If Moon's remarks now count as hate speech, such as to make the speaker unacceptable at venues such as Wiscon, many of us are in deep trouble.

4. "Will Obama Learn Anything from the Midterms?" I doubt it. 

Representative Sample: Obama’s ideological rigidity and policy preferences ran headlong into Americans’ skepticism about big government and their sense of moral outrage. The Tea Party is a movement grounded in the belief in limited government. But it was also born out of a sense that we have lost track of fundamental values — thrift, discipline, and humility, for starters — and as a result are seeing irresponsible spending, massive debt, and liberal statism.

5. "Armchair Warriors" 10 proposed schemes that were never executed.

Representative Sample: Many proposals -- while informal or semiserious -- are preposterous and overlook even a basic understanding of political objectives, military strategy, geography, and logistics. Here are the top 10 most ridiculous military options offered up by U.S. government officials or civilian commentators over the last few decades.

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