Wednesday, October 20, 2010

HOT5 Daily 10/20/2010

1. "O'Donnell and Coons on the separation of church and state" A good analysis.

Representative Sample: The 2 were talking past each other, trying to look good and make the other look bad. It is a disagreement about law between 2 individuals who are not running for judge. It's not detailed legal analysis. It's a political debate and this is a political disagreement.

2. "A roadmap for revitalizing the U.S. partnership with India" Useful suggestions, but they'll probably have to wait until we have someone other than Obama at the helm.

Representative Sample: whereas the values and interests of India and the United States frequently pulled in opposite directions during the Cold War -- when India pursued a policy of non-alignment that evolved into tacit alliance with the Soviet Union - today our interests and ideals reinforce each other in a number of areas.

3. "Thankfully, someone is keeping a watch on those very scary atheists" They're watching us. Links to a site called Atheist Watch that claims to be watching "hate group atheism," whatever that might be.

Representative Sample: It's all red because atheists are dangerous and must be watched. Or something will happen!

4. "Long distance, top secret messages" Interesting.

Representative Sample: Quantum cryptography is an emerging technology currently used by both military and financial organizations to send information as entangled particles of light. In theory, anyone who tries to tap into this information changes it in a way that reveals their presence.

5. "Come friendly bombs and fall on Abbey Wood " British Strategic Defense and Security review not a big hit.

Representative Sample: It’s a dreadful mess, a dog’s breakfast, a bugger’s muddle, an appalling nightmare, a train wreck on a cruise ship drifting into an iceberg with a jumbo jet crashed on top, to paraphrase some of the coverage.

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