Tuesday, October 5, 2010

HOT5 Daily 10/5/2010

1. "Redistribution of Wealth Gone Wild in America" But if you talk to anyone on the left they think we aren't redistributing enough. 

Representative Sample: If you think the federal taxes you pay go to the run the federal government, think again. This year, every dime (and more) that the feds collect is going out in payments to other people. That is, Washington is redistributing even more wealth than it takes in.

2. "Beautiful: Having torn the health insurance industry asunder, Democrats appear ready to lay waste to the life insurance industry" Another reason to vote GOP next month. 

Representative Sample: Mark 'life insurance' down as industry #203 that has been demonized by the class warfare rhetoric of the modern left. Never mind that America has no static class structure -- the rich become poor and the poor rich every day of the week. Never mind that life insurance has protected those of modest means for centuries.

3. "Gliese 581g, Alien Angst, and the Lemming" A look at the coverage of Gliese 581g.  

Representative Sample: The planetary system of Gliese 581 has been in the news again. It looks like there's a planet there - Gliese 581g - that's not much bigger and not much chillier than Earth. It's too early to tell, but there could be life there. Anything from pond scum to those groovy space aliens folks have been talking about.

4. "Alternative Sentencing Gaining Acceptance" Useful alternatives to filling up prisons with non-violent offenders. 

Representative Sample: “Nonviolent drug and property crimes comprise a significant part of our prison population,” adds Nicole Porter, state advocacy coordinator of The Sentencing Project. “The financial issues involved have broadened the conversation out, and introduced people to alternative means of crime control if they hadn’t been looking at fiscal issues before.”

5. "Perfect the Enemy of the Good" Good analysis.

Representative Sample: in California, the state could have made a ton more progress reducing vehicle emissions had they accepted a low emissions standard decades ago that allowed for things like compressed natural gas (CNG) as a vehicle fuel. However, environmentalists insisted on zero emissions, and thus only electric vehicles passed muster, and the technology simply has not been there

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