Sunday, October 3, 2010

HOT5 Daily 10/3/2010

1. "Women in Control" Female leaders photo essay. 

Representative Sample: While it's true that more than 75 percent of parliaments worldwide are more than three-quarters male, in recent years some high-powered female heads of state have bucked the trend. If Dilma Rousseff is elected as Brazil's first female president on Sunday, she'll be joining a small, but elite, cohort.

2. "Well, Thank God It Isn't Muhammad" Don't hold your breath waiting for any whining by the president, General Petraeus or any of the others who felt such a need to denounce the planned Koran burning.

Representative Sample: If this were Muhammad, public officials would already be denouncing the artwork and calling for the gallery to back off, as it might put America and her armed forces at risk overseas. I guess we can be thankful that a soon to be released travel alert for Europe isn't linked to the art exhibit at all.

3. "Doesn't anyone in the Obama White House know any history?" It doesnt' look that way.  

Representative Sample: These guys are so impressed with themselves that they can't even fathom that any president ever accomplished more or faced more difficult challenges. 

4. "The Unbelievable Truth" Interesting article by Daniel Dennett on the new Pew Forum religious study. 

Representative Sample: The more you know about religions, the less likely you are to believe religious creeds and myths and thus the more likely you are to be an atheist or agnostic, whether or not you are affiliated with, or even clergy in, a church.

5. "$3 million stimulus, $5 million overall: Regional airport with 1 flight a month" Government efficiency in action.

Representative Sample: St. Cloud Regional Airport (STC) touts lots of amenities on its website—a café, ATM, free wi-fi, free parking and a $5 million completely renovated terminal whose capacity went up dramatically from 30 to 200 travelers. There’s also a new $750,000 passenger boarding bridge secured with federal stimulus funds to keep travelers out of the elements while catching a flight. One asset, however, the newly renovated airport notably lacks—commercial flights and passengers.

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