Sunday, October 24, 2010

HOT5 Daily 10/24/2010

1. "In Two Years Obama Moves from Hope and Change to Fear and Scare" Things to remember the next time some leftist tool starts whining about Republican "fearmongering." 

Representative Sample: In 2008 Obama lied to the American people by selling a false vision of himself and who he was. Now that he's been exposed, he has no where left to turn but to the same vile politics he once denounced!

2. "We Are All Perceived As Security Threats" An excellent point. 

Representative Sample: This might come as a shock to Nihad Awad but Muslims are viewed as a security threat as are all other people who choose to fly. Everyone MUST go through security at the airport and be screened because we are all viewed as a security threat.

3. "Is Atheism A Belief?" No.  It's an absence of belief and it doesn't require faith. Things that unfortunately must be pointed out over and over again.

Representative Sample: One of the most common accusations aimed at atheists is that atheism is an article of faith, a belief just like religion. Because atheism can't be proven with absolute 100-percent certainty, the accusation goes, therefore not believing in God means taking a leap of faith -- a leap of faith that's every bit as irrational and unjustified as religion.

4. "More real ObamaCare costs emerge" You mean Obama and Congressional Democrats were just making up cost numbers? Shocking, I know. 

Representative Sample:I guess this is one of those “benefits” Bill Clinton was talking about that hasn’t quite made an impression yet – exploding costs well above the nonsense the Democrats used to “justify” the abysmal ObamaCare bill.

5. "Jihad By Vuvuzela" Anti-semites discover a new tool to use against Jews.

Representative Sample: Muslim youth have discovered a new weapon to counter the dissemination of unwanted ideas: the vuvuzela. Pro-Palestinian activists used the African noise horn to try to silence a Jewish professor in Brussels.

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  1. Thanks for linking to me at #1. It's not really surprising that Obama is now resorting to scare tactics. Many of us knew who he was all along and we tried to tell the American people in 2008. Obama dismissed our concerns as scaremongering.

    Oh well, I guess he knows a thing or two about scaremongering doesn't he?

  2. No problem. I have your blog in my RSS.

    Scaring voters about the opposition is a standard political tactic. But Democrats are constantly whining about Republican "fearmongering," despite routinely attempting to scare voters with ridiculous caricatures of GOP positions.