Thursday, October 14, 2010

HOT5 Daily 10/14/2010

1. "Vietnam, Israel and the Left’s Delusional Narratives" A point by point parallel.

Representative Sample: As with Vietnam, the delusion narrative used by the left originates primarily from the propaganda of the non-democratic actors. All the delusions of the “Peace” movement in Vietnam came first from communist, usually transmitted via Europe and then mindlessly accepted by leftists in America. The left in America swallowed communist propaganda as mechanically as a python engulfing a pig. Likewise, the left today will swallow any accusation against Israel.

2. "Sowell: Which one is more greedy? The private sector or the federal govt? " Guess. Links to an excellent article.

Representative Sample: Those who are always accusing people in the private sector of “greed” almost never level that charge against the government, no matter what it does. Indeed, the question of whether the government is greedy almost never comes up, so most of us probably never think about it.

3. "Allah’s existence to be debated at UK’s leading mosque" I just saw a flying pig. Opening up to debate sure beats the usual attempts to silence criticism.

Representative Sample: For the first time, the doors of a British mosque will be open to the public to critically discuss Islam, in particular the Muslim concept of God. The event has been hailed as a confirmation that the British Muslim community is willing to engage in critical dialogue concerning their faith, with their fellow non-Muslim citizens.

4. "A New Plan for Afghanistan" The subtitle is "Less counterinsurgency, more killing and capturing."Killing more enemies is a faster way to end the war? Imagine that.

Representative Sample: This new twist in the strategy seems to be having some effect. One senior officer said (and other officials confirmed) that 300 midlevel Taliban have been killed or captured in the last three months, including a number of shadow provincial governors, district commanders, and trainers or facilitators in the use of roadside bombs. In addition, more than 800 rank-and-file insurgents have been killed, and more than 2,000 have been captured.

5. "The Honest Chilean Miner" Something we probably won't hear.

Representative Sample: It's a cartoon.

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