Friday, October 8, 2010

Spreading a False Religion

I just saw a news story that caught my attention. It's only a snippet so the actual situation is unclear. An Australian citizen, Safaa Al Awadi, took part in some sort of religious debate on television. Whatever happened caused him to be arrested by Egyptian authorities, who accused him of being a terrorist and "spreading a false religion."

This is pure speculation, but I wonder if he was advocating violence/terrorism in the name of Islam, and that's what the "false religion" charge is all about. If so, he'll probably be sorry that he attracted the attention of the Egyptian state.

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  1. no Safaa Al Awadi was not "advocating terrorisim in the name of islam" AT ALL. In fact if anyone understands arabic, they can go on youtube and watch the debate.
    the egyptian channel was inciting the "Muslim Ummah" to behead those who were in the debate along with Safaa.... and there is proof of that from the was all broadcasted.

    In fact the religion that Safaa Al Awadi was calling the extremist Muslims is that of peace with no war and called them to respect the cross & star of david.
    Because of that, (the fact that Safaa and those with him who are called the supporters of the savior of mankind) believe that the star of david should be respected....they accused them of having alliance with Isreal and that they should be stopped by any means even with violence.

    They [Safaa Al Awadi, Abdulaal Salema, Saddik Al Mohammadi] who believe in this call, the call of the savior of mankind are calling All people to unite.
    They, the followers of the savior of mankind, believe that the Savior has appeared and that he is a messenger from Eliyahu to the Jews, A messenger from Jesus to the Christians and a messenger from Imam Al Mahdi to the Muslim.

    So why was he arrested?????
    Because he called poeple to unite and asked them to respect the other symbols?

    Another thing is that after 12 days, was it confirmed that he has been arrested and until now no-one knows what he is accused of. If he was accused of anything, why has the egyptian government kept this secret for that long?

    Another thing that I want to highlight, is that the Egyptian Government is trying "to wipe away all Christians, all Jews and most importantly all Shiites from the grounds of Egypt" - this is a direct quote from one of the Secret agent police that confirmed they have been arrested. That is also found on the internet.