Thursday, October 7, 2010

HOT5 Daily 10/7/2010

1. "Free Speech on Trial, Continued" In Russia & the Netherlands. 

Representative Sample: as always, as people's freedom slips away, the churches are there working hand-in-hand with the powerful, ordering the masses to obey and gladly trading their alleged spiritual authority for temporal rewards.

2. "Civilian Terrorism Trials... What Could Go Wrong?" The obvious as expected. 

Representative Sample:Unlawful enemy combatants held "for the duration" in executive, Article II detention should not be subject to ordinary judicial rules, just as enemy soldiers in wartime have no "right to life."

3. "Would Pakistan Shoot Down NATO Helos?" I wouldn't put it past them, especially since we've been utterly spineless in dealing with them.  

Representative Sample: There are reports emerging from Pakistan that the country has bolstered its air defense equipment along the border with Afghanistan in the wake of an incursion of NATO helos into its territory.

4. "#32: Implant Memory Chips in Our Brains" I won't be surprised to see such cyborg-type enhancements available at some point. 

Representative Sample: Dr. Gary Marcus, a psychology professor at New York University, tells Big Think that we should develop a "Google-like" chip to implant in our brains that would use our neurons like a search engine and enhance human memory.

5. "God’s Cure for Leprosy" For anyone who wonders why atheists make fun of religion and don't take the Bible seriously as a guide to much of anything.

Representative Sample: It's a biblical excerpt.

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