Tuesday, October 19, 2010

HOT5 Daily 10/19/2010

1. "Venezuela-Russia nuke deal a new headache" Following in the footsteps of Iran, also with Russian help.

Representative Sample: The problem isn't so much the introduction of nuclear energy to the Latin American country, which has growing electricity needs, but the unpredictable policies of populist President Hugo Chavez.

2. "Homer Simpson 'is a true Catholic'" Ok, I had to link this.

Representative Sample: He is an idle, pea-brained glutton with a permanent craving for doughnuts and Duff beer, but Homer Simpson has been declared a true Catholic by the Vatican's official newspaper.

3. "Swiss Suicide Clinic Advocates Suicide for Victims' Healthy Relatives Too" Crossing the line from assisting suicides to encouraging them.

Representative Sample: Swiss suicide clinic Dignitas has called for the healthy partners of chronically ill euthanasia patients to be allowed to kill themselves too.

4. "Your Beliefs Are Crazier than My Beliefs" I encounter this attitude all the time. Religious people routinely derided the ridiculous beliefs of other faiths while believing in all sorts of nonsense of their own.

Representative Sample: Funny how one religion’s myth is ridiculous and laughable, while one’s own myth is “logical and scientific.”

5. "Japan Launches New, Stealthy Destroyer " Includes some good links. Things to keep in mind the next time someone overrates Chinese naval power.

Representative Sample: Japan has just launched the first in a new class of stealthy destroyers that outweighs and outguns anything in the Chinese fleet.

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