Thursday, October 28, 2010

HOT5 Daily 10/28/2010

1. "Political Violence is an Indictment Against the Cause that Motivates it… Except When We Do It (Update: New Video)" Right on target

Representative Sample: Both men who assaulted women at the Paul-Conway debate should be prosecuted and no excuses should be made. But the fact is that the selective condemnation and hysteria coming from the left demonstrates that this really isn’t about human compassion toward Lauren Valle. It’s about politics and nothing more. Americans can and should see through this for what it is.

2. "All About Freedom Of Choice - Democrats Want Your Vote" Choice only matters on a couple issues. For most others, they'd rather make choices for you.

Representative Sample: They aren't really about securing your freedoms and the freedom of choice. Just the opposite.

3. "The Humanist Ten Commandments" New & improved commandments.

Representative Sample: in Good Without God, Epstein has a chart of the ten commandments. I wanted to share it with you because I thought the Humanist version was pretty good

4. "Japanese Navy Tests Sea-Based Missile Defense" Japan's significant defensive capability.

Representative Sample: With this fourth ship converted to shoot down ballistic missiles Japan now has 100-percent redundancy in the minimum number of missiles needed to fend off a North Korean launch. Japan really only needs two ships for the job, but warships are often in port, or in dock for upgrades, etc. Japan would need at least three ships to protect the country from a launch from China.

5. "What Both the Coke and The Pepsi Parties Have In Common" Unfortunately true.

Representative Sample: Legislators in both parties share one common belief — that after millions of dollars and years of effort getting elected to their position, they don’t want to hear anyone tell them their power is somehow limited.

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