Friday, October 22, 2010

No Compromise for the GOP

According to The Hill, "GOP says compromise not on the agenda if they retake the House." I'm skeptical, but I hope they mean it. The vast majority of people voting Republican in this election are not voting to have people compromise with President Obama and the Congressional Democratic leadership. We are voting in an effort to roll-back their policies if possible, or to block anything worse if that's all that can be accomplished. 

Some have disparaged the GOP as the "Party of No," but that's exactly what they should be as long as Obama is in power. With a strong Democratic majority, the administration has been able to ram its policies down our throats. Whatever happens in November, it is almost a certainty that the Democratic majority will be reduced, whether or not Republicans take the House and/or Senate. Those of us voting Republican expect the GOP, whether in minority or majority capacity to do everything possible to obstruct the president's agenda. If the GOP miraculously takes control of Congress, it should attempt to force the president to compromise, and sign on to elements of a Republican-driven agenda. If he won't, they should send up bill after bill and force him to veto. We aren't voting for Republicans in order to have them compromise with Obama. The Republican leadership claims to understand that. Let's hope they've really gotten the message.

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