Friday, October 15, 2010

HOT5 Daily 10/15/2010

1. "Follow Napoleon’s Advice on the Chamber Pot ‘Scandal’" A nice take on the Democrats' amazingly stupid campaign against the Chamber of Commerce.

Representative Sample: the harder he presses this the more he’ll alienate the middle. That’s a surefire losing tactic. There’s no better way to make the Republican majority even larger than it’s going to be than to press arbitrary charges against millions of small businessmen.

2. "A Glimpse At The Coming Post-November Mythology... " There has to be some reason for Democratic electoral losses other than their own failures.

Representative Sample: Yep, it's 2010's variation of the Stolen Elections of 2000 and 2004 Thingy that remains so near and dear to Democratic PWCPs (Partisans Who Can't Process).

3. "Diplomatic Muscle" How's a 7000-person private State Department army in Iraq sound?

Representative Sample:All this is nothing new. For nearly a century now, the Department of State has been building a security organization, to provide guards for embassies, bodyguards for key personnel and, more recently, quick reaction and commando units for emergencies. This operation is currently called the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS).

4. "Robert Gibbs Shrugs Off Michelle Obama’s Illegal Campaigning – Update: Video Added" Laws only matter if it's a Republican who appears to be breaking one. Then it's a really big deal. Besides, any criticism of Michelle Obama is obviously racist.

Representative Sample: Members of the ruling class don’t believe rules and laws apply to them. Michelle Obama was in Chicago and went to her polling place to cast an early vote. While there she was seen campaigning for the agenda of her husband. In doing so, she violated Illinois law.

5. "Should I lick this?" Just in case you were wondering.

Representative Sample: When I lived in Northern California, I would often hear stories about people scouring the back country for psychedelic toads. In popular imagination, these toad wranglers would then gather around bonfires and with great ceremony and earnestness, they would lick hapless bufoids

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