Monday, April 6, 2009

Another Strange Poll

Yesterday I posted about a poll showing that a majority of American either didn't understand the question, or actually favor attacking North Korea to eliminate its ballistic missile capability. Today the Washington Post released their own poll results from the end of March. Although the poll contained all sorts of questions, the Post chose to highlight responses regarding Islam. Their lead story on the poll involves this question:
How important do you think it is for Obama to try to improve U.S. relations with Muslim nations - very important, somewhat important, not so important or not important at all?

Forty-six percent actually answered that it was "very important," and 36% "somewhat important," for an overwhelming net response of 81% who think trying to improve relations with Muslim countries is at least somewhat important.  It's difficult to know what to think of this response, since the question is so vague. There are many Muslim countries. In general though, it seems these responses indicate more wishful thinking. People just want Obama to somehow make Muslim countries like us. In my opinion, Muslim countries should worry about improving relations with the U.S., rather than vice versa.

There are also poll questions regarding views of Islam. Sixty-five percent of conservative Republicans have an unfavorable view of Islam. I'm surprised it's not higher. But what about liberal Democrats? Sixty percent of them have a favorable view of Islam. Really, 60% have a positive view of Islam. Is it any wonder liberals are so clueless? What causes this favorable view? Simple ignorance? Living in a dream world? Blaming problems involving Islam on the U.S.? I'd be curious to see if liberal Democrats have a 60% or higher favorable outlook on Christianity.

Another strange result is the attitude of non-religious respondents. According to the Post,

Perceptions of Islam as a peaceful faith are the highest among non-religious Americans, with about two-thirds holding that view.
Why would two-thirds of non-religious Americans, some of whom are probably unfavorably disposed toward religion in general, see Islam as a peaceful faith? Of all major religions, Islam has the highest proportion of adherents who are actively promoting violence. All you have to do is read some daily news to find some connection between Islam and violence. Are these people just horribly uniformed? Are they mainly liberal Democrats?  

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