Monday, April 6, 2009

HOT5 Daily 4/6/2009

1. "The mirage of nuclear zero"  Nukes are here to stay, utopian dreaming notwithstanding.

Representative Sample: Nuclear proliferation has a logic all its own, based in raw calculation of national interest, power projection and threat deterrence. Nukes provide great power and deterrence for a much cheaper price than equivalent conventional capabilities.

2. "North Koreans Launch Missile Over Japan. Democrats to Demand Further Cuts in Missile Defense" Short but to the point.

Representative Sample: Why is it that in all the pork and bloated government spending Obama and the Democrats have enacted the only area they find to cut is missile defense when we need it more than ever?

3. "Newsweek: The End of Christian America" Newsweek gets carried away.

Representative Sample:The End of Christian America? Hardly. That’s like saying $100 shoes now cost $90… the slight drop does not mean the shoes will be free anytime soon. A 10% decline in the number of self-professed Christians doesn’t mean they’re about to go away.

4. "Not a popularity contest" Somebody tell Obama.

Representative Sample: What might help is a President who unashamedly believes in those things and refuses to apologize for them to an ungrateful world.

5. "When Seconds Count" Since the anti-gun types are all over this, here's a view from the pro-gun side. 

Representative Sample: Once again we have a large scale killing in a victim disarmament zone and it is pointed out just why individuals should exercise their natural born right to self defence.

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