Wednesday, March 10, 2010

HOT5 Daily 3/10/2010

1. "Newly Released CIA Memos -More Proof That Congress Knew All About Waterboarding" In the aftermath of 9/11, even Democrats were less worried about imaginary terrorist rights than doing everything possible to gain intelligence.

Representative Sample: This meeting was significant not only because it provides additional proof that EITs were discussed with Congress, but because the legislators were told point blank that enhanced interrorgation techniques worked. No wonder why the Obama administration fought so hard to keep the details of these briefings secret.

2. "When Gaddafi Takes Offense at a (Rather Harmless) Comment, Apologizer-in-Chief's State Department Immediately Issues an Apology " Obama administration doesn't want to offend Gaddafi.

Representative Sample:Remember the era of Ronald Reagan? And how he, rightly, called Muammar Gaddhafi a "mad dog"? In the era of the Apologizer-in-Chief's New Feel-Good American Foreign Policy©™, how things have changed.

3. "The horror: conservatives throw Guantanamo defense work in faces of appointed lawyer" Demonizing justice department appointees is ok as long as they are conservatives.

Representative Sample: I just can’t find any evidence that The Times exhibited this same concern when judicial nominees represented polluters or racists or anything else that fine paper labels a “conservative cause”.

4. "This Is As Useful As Any Other Protest" Pretty much.

Representative Sample: It's a graphic.

5. "UAV Could Be Battlefield Ambulance" Life-saving drones?

Representative Sample: the UAV, which is now being tested, will be equipped with stretchers, air conditioning and a communications system that establishes video contact between injured soldiers and the medical center. The wounded will be transported in a protected compartment and monitored throughout the flight. The current design holds two wounded soldiers lying prone.

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