Thursday, March 11, 2010

HOT5 Daily 3/11/2010

1. "Big-government boondoggles are forever" Exactly. They have to be blocked before they are enacted.

Representative Sample: there exists almost no historical evidence to suggest Republicans will possess either the fortitude or the power to undo a massive government entitlement program.

2. "The Punk White House"An apt description.

Representative Sample: having a President without a sense of decency and respect for the Office is painfully embarrassing for the nation, both domestically, and in the eyes of the world.

3. "First Principles"The ACLU again works to assist our enemies rather than focusing on its mission to protect the rights of Americans.

Representative Sample:The ACLU, for all its obstreperousness, serves an important national function. But it when it allows itself to dabble, as it all too often does, in issues far outside the organization’s swim lane, they make a mockery of themselves.

4. "Finally, The Trance Is Broken" Business interests turning against Obama?

Representative Sample: In 2008, Big Business crawled in bed with the Obama campaign, figuring that if they played nice, they’d get preferential treatment when President Obama started implementing his radical agenda. They quickly found out that they weren’t getting preferential treatment.

5. "First They Came For My Soda, Then They Came For My Pizza"Nanny state do-gooders target pizza.

Representative Sample: We all remember that members of both State governments and the Federal government have suggested taxes on soda. Now, a group of busy bodies have recommended a tax on pizza

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