Thursday, March 4, 2010

HOT5 Daily 3/4/2010

1. "To Keep and Bear Arms" Excellent points.

Representative Sample: The notion that citizens have no good reason to be armed, because the State can protect them from violent crime, is one of the most dangerous lies Big Government has fed its subjects. The government reduces crime through the police and court systems, but no matter how tirelessly the police work, there is very little chance they can actively defend you from assault.

2. "The Ultimate Hypocrisy: Reconciliation to Pass Health Care" It's pretty hard to keep track of Democratic hypocrisy.

Representative Sample: “We are not going to pass universal healthcare with a 50 plus one strategy. We’re not going to have a serious, bold energy policy of the sort I proposed yesterday unless you build a working majority.” –Sen. Barack Obama, October 2007

3. "Jim Bunning's Stand" The left's unhinged attacks on Senator Bunning.

Representative Sample: It's kind of amazing that one GOP senator, exercising his power of parliamentary procedure to resist an unprincipled expansion of the Obama welfare state, is excoriated as Public Enemy #1 by the left.

4. "$7-A-Gallon Gas Needed to Meet Government’s CO2 Cuts" I'm sure that will create lots of jobs.

Representative Sample: If you think it’s out of the question, it’s not. Members of Congress are working with oil companies now to levy a carbon fee on the transportation sector:

5. "New Jersey: Christie and the budget" Chris Christie making me glad I voted for him -- so far.

Representative Sample: for the first time in decades, a governor explained just how broke NJ is, and what needs to be done.

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