Friday, March 19, 2010

HOT5 Daily 3/19/2010

1. "You Lie! CBO Report On Health Care Merely Garbage In, Garbage Out" Calculations based on imaginary numbers are meaningless.

Representative Sample: Of course, the Democrats can claim deficit reduction in the CBO's numbers because the Congressional Budget Office merely calculates the data they are given; they do not weigh in on whether those figures are arrived at by honest data or data which has been manipulated.

2. "CAIR Seeks to Censor Books on Radical Islam" Not surprising.

Representative Sample:The latest instance of CAIR’s duplicitous behavior is the campaign being conducted by its Philadelphia branch to censor a series of textbooks on The World of Islam for young readers, produced by Mason Crest Published in partnership with the Foreign Policy Research Institute, an independent think tank. They are particularly angry with one of the ten books in the set titled Radical Islam, which deals with the threat from Islamist groups.

3. "The Top 10 Good Things About Being Godless" Pretty amusing.

Representative Sample: Obviously, some of those items are tongue-in-cheek, some are debatable, and some are very serious. Before commenting on any of them, check out how Zuckerman defends each item in the actual piece, since he goes into quite a bit of depth.

4. "Dark Flow: This Universe on the Move?" Cosmology is both difficult to comprehend and fascinating.

Representative Sample:What's really bothersome, I think, about dark flow is that it shouldn't exist. Sure, things like planets, stars, and clusters of galaxies move in relation to each other: but all those (relatively) small things should average out to zero. That Big Bang microwave radiation is - or should be - a sort of stationary reference. Everything we observe is a sort of debris from that cosmic explosion.

5. "Death by human stampede" More common than you might think.

Representative Sample:Over the past 30 years, stampedes have killed at least 7,000 people and injured another 14,000.

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