Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wow, a Few Insults and Slurs

I checked Memeorandum to see if anything significant had happened with the health care bill, and instead found leftists hyperventilating about slurs and insults hurled at Democratic members of Congress. You might think people were being lynched. For example, Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo, normally one of the more rational types on the left, titles his post "Menacing."

Far worse happens pretty much any time some prominent conservative attempts to speak on a college campus, but now leftists are upset that congressmen trying to ram through an unpopular bill, using extremely questionable tactics, are getting yelled at. It's just so scary. Of course if these were Republican congressmen being verbally abused by anti-war protesters, or some other leftists, then there'd be no problem. 

1 comment:

  1. I think the key difference is bigotry, which is long suspected as an undercurrent in the Tea Party movement.

    A "Few Insults and Slurs" is one thing, but using terms like 'N***er' and 'F****t' is something else. Plus it doesn't help the notion that the right is synonymous with racism.

    Anti-war protestors verbally abusing Republicans isn't good enough either of course, but it's not bigoted.

    ps do you really want to cite "lynching" when it comes to well-known African American from the civil rights movement? Really??