Saturday, March 13, 2010

HOT5 Daily 3/13/2010

1. "Fisking the National Export Initiative" It's nice when even mainstream sources see through Obama's bs.

Representative Sample: My reaction to this idea is the same as my reaction to the rest of the list -- these aren't awful policy ideas so much as completely superfluous. None of them will have an appreciable effect on exports.

2. "Michelle Obama’s Childhood Obesity Project"A good analysis of how a government push for even a worthy goal causes more problems.

Representative Sample: When the federal government declares war on social problems, it almost invariably engages in social engineering, the dangers of which are fourfold

3. "Government efficiency at its finest!" It may be an Australian example, but it's certainly relevant here in the U.S.

Representative Sample: what big government does, just about every time you put them in charge of something, it costs too much, delivers too late and often screws it all up in the process. It doesn't matter who dropped the ball, which department did this or did that, that simply leads nowhere, all our dumb ass needs to figure out is that you shouldn't give them the money or the power to squander and screw it all up in the first place.

4. "Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics (30): Failing to Correct for Inflation" Everyone of this blog's posts about statistics is worth reading.

Representative Sample: when you compare data for the current year, month or whatever with the same data for some period in the past, you may just see inflation rather than actual growth or increases. By adjusting for inflation, you uncover the real growth. You may even discover that growth hides decline.

5. "Some Great Military History" A link to some interesting links.

Representative Sample: Mitch Williamson must be the hardest working mil-blogger out there. You may have noticed a couple of his websites posted here on our regular Sea Link articles, War and Game, plus Cog and Galley. Except that is just the beginning with this prolific author of military history.

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