Monday, March 8, 2010

HOT5 Daily 3/8/2010

1. "White House Liberals Fail To See The Big Problem – Them!" That's because they think everyone else is the problem.

Representative Sample: What we are seeing is the liberals playing hyper-partisan politics, shutting out and denigrating their opponents – just like the scientists caught perverting the scientific method and peer-review process in Climategate. What we see is gross vote buying and corruption to the point there seems to be special set of laws for the DC power brokers.

2. "If Bush Was Responsible for the Oil Prices Then, Who’s Responsible for Them Now?" If you ask the BDS types, it's probably still Bush.

Representative Sample: So why are oil prices rising again? At least during the Bush years, oil prices dropped in the winter months because of demand. This winter oil prices just kept climbing.

3. "Europe De-Militrarizes NATO Military Contingents" De-militarization by overly restrictive rules of engagement.

Representative Sample: If you think General McChrystal's changes to the Rules of Engagement are difficult, you might consider how European governments restrict their NATO forces in Afghanistan.

4. "As Porn Goes Up, Performance Goes Down?" Hmm. A must-read for all big porn fans.

Representative Sample: The porn/potency connection is surprisingly treacherous. Most men's potency isn't affected by porn...until it is. So the problem seems illusory until it catches up with someone—at which point he tends to mistake hotter porn as the cure. More extreme material further desensitizes his brain..

5. "Top 100 Films of Obama Era" Some of these are pretty good.

Representative Sample: 22) Dude, Where's My Czar?

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