Thursday, March 25, 2010

When Witches Go Bad

As religions go, Wicca is usually pretty inoffensive. Wiccans are a small minority of the population, don't proselytize, and generally don't bother others. But they just got some major bad publicity.

A woman who claims she was going to perform a Wiccan celebration of spring is accused of using a ritualistic dagger to kill a man she invited to the ceremony.
She's claiming self-defense, but police don't believe her story of attempted rape. And apparently her account was inconsistent. 

What are the odds that some Christians will use this incident to reinforce and promote superstition about witches, Satan worship, and human sacrifices? This woman didn't just kill someone, she may have done considerable damage to Wiccans all over, who already have to fight against the superstitious view of witches popular with many Christians.

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  1. Remember the big witchcraft and Satan worship scare of the 1980's and early 90's? I had to actually attend a law enforcement workshop on Satanism.
    The Christian nuts and conspiracy theorists had half the world convinced that there were actually devil worshipers out there killing people. Now, we've got an isolated incident, but I can guarantee you that some religious nut-bags will take this and run with it.