Friday, March 12, 2010

HOT5 Daily 3/12/2010

1. "The Constitutional Case Against Progressives" The problem with this argument is that it has no effect on those who believe the Constitution means whatever they think it should mean, rather than what it says.

Representative Sample:The United States of America represents one of the last bastions of traditional liberalism, which is why the Left should no longer be identified as liberal, but rather we should continue to identify its members as progressive statists. The Left believes the precepts of our Constitution have failed society, and thus, we must look towards the “enlightened democracies” of socialized Europe for guidance in the progression of American society.

2. "Muslims We Need to Support" Those who oppose not just terrorism, but Islamism.

Representative Sample: Western democratic governments and politicians lack coherent strategies of their own to deal with the danger. Instead, they take a lowest-common-denominator approach - engaging with virtually any Muslim organization that is willing to "condemn terrorism," even if that organization ultimately seeks supremacy over non-Muslims. The strategy plays into the hands of Islamists who are prepared to use the rhetoric of nonviolence as a tactic to advance their political agenda.

3. "China Drives AirSea Battle" Countering the Chinese threat.

Representative Sample: Today, the military is formulating a new concept called AirSea Battle designed to counter China’s rapidly growing arsenal of anti-access and area-denial (A2/AD) weapons, such as aircraft carrier killing ballistic missiles, sea-skimming missiles, stealthy submarines, bristling air-defense networks, anti-satellite and cyber weaponry.

4. "McCain’s New “Interrogation And Detention” Bill" Has major problems.

Representative Sample: This bill is clearly a political reaction to the crotch bomber. Without an iota of explanation of why crotch-bomber is different from shoe-bomber, we’re going to pass an egregious piece of legislation to solve a problem that isn’t even a problem. “Egregious” is a strong word; it fits, though.

5. "Quote of the day, about the birth of a new world" Don't overestimate the rationality of people worldwide.

Representative Sample:The post-WWII era draws to a close, ushering in a period of large-scale geopolitical change. Most people greet this new era with hope, and equanimity about the transitional period. Perhaps people’s confidence in an orderly evolution of new world rests on a weak foundation: a belief in the rationality and wisdom of the world’s people, and their leaders.

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