Thursday, March 18, 2010

HOT5 Daily 3/18/2010

1. "Cognative dissonance: If the private sector can’t afford it, how can the public sector?" Because the government is a magic, money-printing, cure for all ills -- if you are a Democrat.

Representative Sample: Where does this belief come from that government has the means to finance what the private sector can’t and that it must step up and do so when it comes to health and financial security? 

2. "Powering Down" Shutting down power plants in energy-strapped California.

Representative Sample:The only possibility we as a nation have to overcome our very serious debt problems and to restore anything like full employment is to grow our way out of the problem. The Democrats’ war on energy is one of the primary threats to such growth

3. "Why the health care debate is boring" Short but accurate.

Representative Sample: For those committed to the left or right, the health care debate is all about ideology.

4. "AQ-Iraq's counter counter-insurgency manual"An interesting look at Al Qaeda thinking.

Representative Sample: Call it the jihadist version of David Petraeus's FM 3-24, a counter-counterinsurgency manual and a frank lessons-learned analysis by an adaptive and resilient organization which has not given up in the face of setbacks. How does al-Qaeda in Iraq's umbrella organization hope to rekindle the spark of jihad?

5. "Where Videogames & The Military Collide" Upcoming conference to focus on the use of video games for military training.

Representative Sample: It’s not often that a conference features speakers as diverse as Sims creator Will Wright and Joint Forces Command boss General John Mattis, but when the symposium focuses on promoting the use of videogames in the Department of Defense, such an odd pairing makes sense.

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