Tuesday, March 16, 2010

HOT5 Daily 3/16/2010

1. "If Democrats Cared About Health Care…." Oh they care. They just think everything is better with more big government.

Representative Sample: If Democrats really cared about health care we wouldn’t be talking about the 9,000 pages (give or take) of taxes, fees, mandates, fines and entitlements contained in their three health care packages. It’s insane. They aren’t looking to improve health care in America, they’re looking to expand the nanny state to the point where they fundamentally and permanently transform the relationship between the people and the government.

2. "Keynesian Economics, Exposed; Godwin’s Law, Broken" The curse of Keynesian economics.

Representative Sample: What Keynes did was to give license to government today, to borrow from tomorrow — and the consequences be damned. And there’s nothing a politician likes to hear better than that he can buy votes from Paul, using Peter’s money, without Peter ever being the wiser. Because if you follow the Keynesian example, Peter hasn’t been born yet.

3. "why i’m not “out of the atheist closet”" Interesting perspective.

Representative Sample: one of the questions I tend to get is whether I just want to sign up with Richard Dawkins’ Out Campaign and officially brand Weird Things as an atheist science blog since quite a few of its readers identify as atheist or agnostic and many of those who vehemently disagree on my points will automatically declare that I’m an atheist anyway. But while I really do have a soft spot for many atheist ideas, I won’t be putting the big, red vowel in the sidebar anytime soon for a number of reasons.

4. "US Government presents four boats to Ghana Navy" Did you know you were buying Ghana patrol boats? 

Representative Sample: The United States (US) Government on Saturday, presented four speed patrol boats to the Ghana Navy, to help ensure maritime safety and security.

5. "Chinese Women in Space" China continues to expand its space program.

Representative Sample: The announcement serves as a reminder, not only that China’s interest in manned space is unabated, but that its manned space program is a function of the military, not civilian, authorities. This would suggest that the PLA retains its interest in space

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