Monday, March 29, 2010

HOT5 Daily 3/29/2010

1. "The other side of Obamacare: Bend over and take it" More on what is in the bill.

Representative Sample: These days bad politicians like Bush and Obama push through massive laws with intricate clauses, publish them at the last minute, push them through under "urgency" and pretty much guarantee that no one knows precisely what they are voting for. Obama promised transparency in legislation but then Obama made all sorts of promises that reneged on almost immediately.

2. "Diversity in the Newsroom" Only in certain areas.

Representative Sample:if reflecting the community is essential, why are race and gender the only categories to be considered? Alexander doesn’t mention sexual orientation. Does the Post have gay (and lesbian and bisexual and transgender and questioning…) journalists in the correct proportions? And how about ideological diversity?

3. "ECONOMICS AND TAXATION 101, AKA: "BARSTOOL ECONOMICS"" Things most Democrats just don't get.

Representative Sample: It's one of the simple pieces of timeless wisdom and application that clearly explains the stupidity and greed of the "soak the rich" and class-hatred mindset. It should be revisited and "redistributed" to remind us how of how taxes and economics work in the real world. The "more you make, the higher percentage they take" approach (aka: Karl Marx's "progressive" income tax), punishes success and rewards non-productive behavior as this real world example shows..

4. "God, Sex, and the Orgasm" The orgasm as an argument for the non-existence of God.

Representative Sample: why did God make our sex drive so strong? Why didn't he make the the orgasm less pleasurable? The pleasure of the orgasm is just too strong as it is. We all know this. With an evolutionary hypothesis this is what we'd expect to find, for our sex drive is good for the survival of our species. But under a theistic hypothesis it makes no sense.

5. "Big Brother Is Here" And getting bigger.

Representative Sample: Imagine if during the beginning of the Iraq war, several American companies came out against the war publically, explaining how they believed too many soldiers lives would be lost, and the cost of the war would affect their businesses. Then imagine that the Republicans immediately demanded that the top executives of these companies come to Capitol Hill and explain their dissent..

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