Sunday, March 7, 2010

HOT5 Daily 3/7/2010

1. "Another Obami Foreign-Policy Debacle" It's getting hard to keep track.

Representative Sample: With the Obami, one never knows whether to chalk up a slam at an ally as incompetence or venality. Although with this crew, we often see both at work, especially when it comes to Israel

2. "Fossilized Opinions" Religious thinking.

Representative Sample: Because of its tendency to treat all the statements of its founders and sacred texts as holy truth, religion has the effect of "freezing" the prejudices in vogue at the time of that religion's founding - encouraging followers to view them not as contingent or arbitrary cultural biases, but as the received will of God.

3. "Seizing the Opportunity to Destroy Western Civilization" Interesting article on historical causes of great events.

Representative Sample: proximate causes can lead quickly to the breakdown of complex systems, states, and empires, they both feed and are fed by the narratives that the people caught up in events have accumulated over years. It is through the marks they leave on narrative that long-term causes leave their mark on history.

4. "Why does science not provide any final answers?" Because it isn't religion and is therefore subject to  reinterpretation based on new evidence.

Representative Sample: Only the creators of religions can succumb to a megalomania of believing that they have found the final and unchanging answers to questions such as how our universe or our species has came into being.

5. "Google Map of US drone strikes in Pakistan" A pretty well-defined area on the map of where not to be if you are a terrorist or associate. 

Representative Sample:The New America Foundation has mapped drone strikes in Pakistan over the past 6 years using Peter Bergen and Katherine Tiedemann’s drones database.

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