Sunday, March 28, 2010

HOT5 Daily 3/28/2010

1. "The Unintended Consequences Of ObamaCare: A Lesson In Incompetence" And they wonder why people are angry.

Representative Sample:We are witnessing the most cynical and dishonest behavior at work in a Congress in decades and the incumbents in the Democratic party will certainly pay for their witless, cowardly and irresponsible actions. The fools in the White House, where the lease extends beyond 2010, are ecstatic with their insolence

2. "Africa: The Anarchy Gravy Train" Excellent article on one of Africa's major problems.

Representative Sample: The mandates that the UN has operated on, are terrible. You must work to end wars, and that takes violence of action. You do not send in peacekeepers to somehow bring stability during an active war. The war must end, and that only happens after one side has broken the will of the other. Or you destroy the leadership of that other side.

3. "Democracy and Freedom" Two different things.

Representative Sample: Simply implementing the "Will of the People" is no more noble, true, or decent than the will of a kind and wise autocrat: democracy has no value at all, except to help keep us free.

4. "British: Special Relationship with America is dead" I'd call it dying instead of dead. But Obama has been working hard to finish it off. Links UK article.

Representative Sample:With a president who doesn’t even like America very much and has taken on the goal of undermining American exceptionalism, is it any surprise that we cannot maintain any type of a close relationship with any nation in the world?

5. "Pop Quiz: "Smart" Diplomacy Edition" "Smart" diplomacy looks a lot like kow-towing to our enemies, while treating our allies like dirt.

Representative Sample: A year ago, I would have chalked this up to a new administration and an inexperienced President who hadn't yet found his footing. But today? This, apparently, is his footing.

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