Tuesday, March 2, 2010

HOT5 Daily 3/2/2010

1. "The Naked Progressive" Interesting analysis.

Representative Sample: I’m not calling Progressives unpatriotic. While some Progressives may, indeed, “hate” America and wish its harm, I’m sure the majority of them would profess love of America. But their principles are not American principles. Progressives yearn for the transformation of America into their utopia, even though it is at odds with the principles of the Founding Fathers.

2. "The Faux Pas of Modern Atheist Culture" Good article on things atheists would be better off without.

Representative Sample: this entry is not an attempt to describe all atheists. This article contains my critique of certain trends among those who call themselves atheists.

3. "Incremental sanctions make a nuclear Iran more likely" So does a weak, appeasement-oriented U.S. president.

Representative Sample: This incremental approach is counterproductive. The sanctions’ predictability and long lead time allows Tehran to prepare for them in advance. For example, Iran is currently expanding its oil refining capacity and reducing consumption subsidies in anticipation of the sort of gasoline sanctions moving through Congress, and could be a net gasoline exporter by 2013. Incrementalism inures the Iranian regime to sanctions altogether

4. "Venezuela: A New Terrorist State?" Rogue state, terrorist state, pick a label.

Representative Sample:The most serious charge is that ETA members have received training in FARC rebel camps, and FARC members traveled to Spain to try to kill former Colombian president Andres Pastrana and the current president, Alvaro Uribe, with help from ETA

5. "Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics (29): How (Not) to Frame Survey Questions, Ctd." One of the many reasons not to read to much into any particular poll.

Representative Sample:here’s a nice example of the way in which small modifications in survey questions can radically change survey results

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