Monday, March 15, 2010

HOT5 Daily 3/15/2010

1. "Universal Insurance Policy" Keeping troops in Iraq.

Representative Sample: I'll have more confidence if the president negotiates a pact with Iraq's new government that continues to allow American combat brigades (regardless of what they are called, like the new "advisory and assistance brigades" (BCTs with more advisors in them) that are replacing our brigade combat teams) in Iraq after 2011.

2. "How Quick They Forget: A Short History of U.S. Policy and Israeli Construction in East Jerusalem"A useful review.

Representative Sample: Israelis are used to this pattern: give a big concession and a few months later that step is forgotten as Israel is portrayed as intransigent and more concessions are demanded with nothing in return. Here is a short history of this round:

3. "What Would Yoda Do?" What is a "real" Christian?

Representative Sample: “Christian” is an arbitrary human group designation that is used with different (implicit) definitions by different groups. Since none of those groups has accepted authority to establish a (or the) correct definition, and since “Christian” does not (as we used to believe) refer to anything divine or supernatural, it follows that there can be no final, ultimate, “correct” definition.

4. "Tax ‘Em Until They Flee, Then Tax ‘Em Some More!" The practical consequences of trying to squeeze the wealthy.

Representative Sample:One of the practical problems with the boilerplate “tax the rich” strategy is that the rich are not stupid. When taxes in one state rise to an unacceptable level, they move to another where the tax rate is more to their liking.

5. "I Should Click on worm.exe_racist, Right?" Links to an amusing site.

Representative Sample: This actually made me LOL.

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