Monday, March 1, 2010

HOT5 Daily 3/1/2010

1. "Israel’s Increasingly Dangerous Neighborhood" Long but worth reading.

Representative Sample:Defending against modern terror requires new tactics of intelligence and renewed commitment. But modern western populations are distracted, tired of war, and unsure what constitutes winning. The war of ideas starts with understanding why we believe in our lives, our security, and our liberty.

2. "Long, bloody road to Islam reform"Looks at two important Islamic leaders who died last year.

Representative Sample:They did not represent just another face of Islam; instead, they were its true face. Their efforts stood for renewal of Islam through reform consistent with modern times in terms of science and democracy.

3. "The freedom to restrict freedom"That's an accurate description of what some call "religious freedom."

Representative Sample: the influence Catholic bishops want to impose comes from Rome. I thought Henry VIII did away with that nonsense in the sixteenth century.

4. "Russia Tries To Catch Up To India"How times have changed.

Representative Sample:By the end of the decade, India will have 2,000 upgraded T-72s, over 1,500 T-90s, and few hundred other tanks. This will be the most powerful armored force in Eurasia, unless China moves ahead with upgrades to its tank force.

5. "SWAT Team Raids Home, Shoots At Family Pets, Charges Parents With Child Endangerment"All for a small amount of pot.

Representative Sample: shooting the dogs on the premise isn’t child endangerment, but the presence of a misdemeanor amount of pot that the seven-year-old may or may not have ever seen before in his life is child endangerment.

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