Thursday, February 18, 2010

Anti-religious Hypersensitivity

Over at the Friendly Atheist, Hemant Mehta has a post up called, "Who Knew Schlotzsky’s Deli Was a Christian Franchise?" Apparently someone went into a deli and got upset because Christian music was being played. He actually wrote a letter of complaint to the corporate website, which referred it to the the franchise owner. The owner, obviously a Christian, was unimpressed by the complaint and essentially told the former customer to get over it. 

I often agree with Mehta's posts on atheist/religious issues, but I think he's way off-base on this one.  

Is it an overreaction? I don’t think so. It wasn’t just one song and it is annoying to hear if you’re not a Christian (hell, it’s probably annoying even if you are).
Yes, it was a huge overreaction. I've been in many restaurants where I wasn't happy with the musical selection being played -- for whatever reason. I didn't write whining complaints to the restaurant, and neither do most people. If it's that annoying, I just go to another restaurant. Writing of the owner's dismissive response, Mehta says
I’m offended by his response…To summarize, Wood is going to continue to play Christian music whether it makes his customers happy or not. Their experience at his restaurant be damned.
I find that laughable. He's not ignoring his "customers" plural, he's ignoring the complaint of one hypersensitive customer looking to take offense.
Wood is allowed to play whatever music he wants to, but playing Jesus music all day long is certainly not the way to draw in more customers. Next thing you know, he’ll be giving discounts to people who bring in church bulletins.
That's a pretty big assumption. Somehow I doubt that Mehta knows more about running that business than the business owner. Giving discounts for church bulletins would probably be quite popular in some areas. 

This kind of individual makes atheists look bad. No one likes easily-offended whiners. Even though I'm an atheist, and the deli owner sounds like a major Bible-thumper, I applaud him for telling off the whiner. Some customers aren't worth having.


  1. Huh, my dentist's office always has the Christian music cranked up. I feel pretty much the same way about Christian music as I did when I was a Christian. It's pathetically lame, but no worse than country & western, and a lot better than rap and heavy metal. I can tolerate it for an hour or so. If I couldn't, I would just quietly find another dentist.

  2. Yeah, I was subjected to Christian music throughout my childhood and still dislike it. But like you, there are other types of music that can be equally or more annoying. I'm not a big fan of the Spanish language music played very loudly in some Mexican restaurants. It can be pretty irritating. But since I really like Mexican food, I can tolerate it.