Saturday, February 20, 2010

HOT5 Daily 2/20/2010

1. "It's Amazing.." The impact of a change in leadership.

Representative Sample: The appointment of Mr. Amano--and his clear-eyed reporting on Iran--represent a welcome change for the IAEA. If anything, those wishing to coddle or appease Tehran may have to look elsewhere for cover. The days of Mr. El-Baradei white-washing the Iran file are (thankfully) over.

2. "Falklands crisis now an Australia issue" Argentina may find that it has bitten off more than it can chew -- again.

Representative Sample: Looks like the Argentine government in an attempt to bully its way into potential oil revenues from the Falklands, is going to punish any company with Argentine operations involved with Falklands oil exploration

3. "Sonic Warfare"Probably has all sorts of possible applications.

Representative Sample: bark beetles can be driven out of the pine forests they currently infest if you play digitally-altered sounds of their own chewing back at them through loud speakers. The high-volume sound of themselves drives them away.

4. "Israel quietly floats cheap Littoral Combat Boats (LCBs)"Cheap, low-tech, but useful.

Representative Sample: For duty off Gaza or off Lebanon, these ultra-cheap littoral combat boats (along with their hefty ‘ole mission module) will be a game changer.

5. "Make the PLA Fight For Every Inch of Ground" I had a similar reaction when I read the linked article.

Representative Sample: I think it is fine to prepare for guerrilla war as a last resort. But the idea that the Taiwanese should fight in the strait but basically fold their hand if the Chinese make it ashore in force is folly. The Taiwanese darned well better engage in bloody urban warfare.

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