Tuesday, February 23, 2010

HOT5 Daily 2/23/2010

1. "Old Wine in New Bottles Still Tastes Like Vinegar: Obama Unveils Health Plan!" Smells as bad as ever.

Representative Sample:This morning the White House released their new and improved health plan promising so much but delivering only the same old big taxes, big spending, big government solutions that the American people have overwhelmingly rejected.

2. "Needed: An English-Democratic Party Dictionary?" Words and phrases have different meanings when spoken by Democrats.

Representative Sample: the language may seem to be English, in reality, they speak a different language, the language of the Democrats in DC. To understand exactly what they are saying, Americans need an “English –Democratic Party Dictionary. Here is a sampler of some of the most important words and phrases that cause confusion

3. "Why are coups always led by colonels?" Good question, and good answers.

Representative Sample: So what gives? Why aren't the generals the ones kicking out the countries' regimes? I have a few thoughts.

4. "Legal News: U.S. Lawmakers Push To Phase Out Wartime Contractors–In The Middle Of A War?" Democrats are just full of bad ideas, this time assisted by independent Bernie Sanders.

Representative Sample: this idea of ‘phasing’ out wartime contractors in the middle of a war is just stupid thinking, and dangerous. There is absolutely no way in hell that today’s strategists and war planners will say that ‘removing all wartime contractors in the middle of a war’ is a good idea.

5. "Redesign Hot Dogs? Huh?" I saw this story and was going to write about it, but he beat me to it.

Representative Sample: The leading group of pediatricians in the United States is pushing for a redesign of common foods such as hot dogs and candies, along with new warning labels placed on food packaging, to help curb sometimes fatal incidents of child choking.

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