Thursday, February 25, 2010

HOT5 Daily 2/25/2010

1. "Extreme Opinions Regarding the Future of Our Military" I largely agree with Boot here.

Representative Sample: Give Arquilla props for “out of the box” thinking — as well as for demonstrating why it usually makes sense to stay in the box. The “Afghan model” he cites has been found wanting since 2001 — a few Special Forces troopers could help overthrow the Taliban but couldn’t keep them down

2. "When It's Necessary and Desirable To Assassinate Terrorists" Makes some excellent points.

Representative Sample: There is a cliché when talking about counter-terrorism to the effect that getting a specific individual doesn’t matter as there is always someone to replace him. But in terrorism, as in other aspects of life, there are more effective and less effective individuals.

3. "Religion and Atheism in the 2000s" An interesting survey.

Representative Sample:The first decade of the third millennium since the time of Jesus has passed. What happened for religion and atheism in this past decade?

4. "Don't negotiate with the Taliban"Links an interview with an Afghan warlord.

Representative Sample: Throwing his formidable weight behind the surging opposition to Afghan president Hamid Karzai’s backroom entreaties to the Taliban, Rabbani warned that any hint of political concessions to the Pashtun-based terrorist movement could provoke Afghans to take up arms against their own government.

5. "Where China is investing" With graphic.

Representative Sample: Sub-Saharan Africa is the biggest single region for investment for the Chinese. (Plus, $36.4 billion is a lot of investment in a region whose total GDP is $744 billion.)

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