Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HOT5 Daily 2/24/2010

1. "GOP Leaders Build New Home for Moderates" A new think tank.

Representative Sample: There is no doubt that the American Action project will have a tough time breaking into the D.C. scene. Carving out an audience in a city that already has five big think-tanks (AEI, Heritage, CATO, Brookings, Center for American Progress) will take considerable work, as the AA teams will face considerable difficulty in finding technological and policy niches that aren’t already filled.

2. "Afghanistan: Marines forced to call lawyers before approving airstrike" Legalism run amuck.

Representative Sample: Thanks to Obama’s new rules of engagement and the ever increasing hand-cuffing of our troops ability to fight a war, this comes as no surprise. We predicted this months ago. Next we’ll see soldiers forced to leave the battlefield in order to testify at trials for accused terrorists

3. "Pleading "Muslim" Now Legitimate Defense Against the Death Penalty?"Anyone of any minority religion in the U.S. could make the same ridiculous argument.

Representative Sample: A lawyer in Arizona says prosecutors should not seek the death penalty in a case where a Muslim man murdered his own daughter in an honor killing .... because he's a Muslim??

4. "Thai military chief defends use of magic wands" Using "dowsing rods" to detect mines. Sounds like a short, explosive career path.

Representative Sample: Antiscience kills. You might think that dowsing rods are a cute diversion or at worst a waste of money, but in fact believing in them is leading directly to the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of people across the world.

5. "Interesting diagram of Islamic organization in North America" Shows the various connections.

Representative Sample: It's a graphic.

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