Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Welcome Statement from Nigerian Muslims

The Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) issued a statement explicitly rejecting Al Qaeda and its affiliates.
“Neither Al-Qaeda nor the Taliban has a foothold in Nigeria. Nor would Nigerian Muslims welcome any attempts by them to establish their cells here,” the council said.
They also rejected hostility to Christians, despite the recent clashes.
Nigerian Muslims are not at loggerheads with their Christian counterparts and that “the recent unfortunate bloody Jos disturbances, like others before it, were not caused by religious differences but were rooted in ethnic and political rivalry.
The council is working to block radical Islamist attempts to indoctrinate and recruit Nigerian Muslims, and had this to say with regard to Islam,
“neighbourliness is one of the core teachings of Islam. We cannot rise against our neighbours simply because we hold different religious views.”
You'll often see people asking, where are the moderate Muslims? Why aren't they speaking out? Well, here is an example of the Muslim leadership of a nation taking a stand against Al Qaeda.  It's worth noting.  

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