Saturday, February 13, 2010

HOT5 Daily 2/13/2010

1. "Things We Dare Not Do (and What That Says About Society)"Makes a number of excellent points.

Representative Sample: When did the idea that paid security forces are not allowed to use force to fulfill their basic duty become the rule that must be obeyed? The guards’ failure to act is an abomination and an abdication of their manhood. Yet they do not deserve the blame; rather, our system that is dominated by the ever-present fear of being sued in court is what created the circumstances that forbade them from interfering on Baker’s behalf. Such is duty and chivalry in the age of the liberal trial lawyer.

2. "Lisbon Treaty Already Undermining U.S. National Security" Unfortunately not a surprise.

Representative Sample: Following the introduction of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty, the European Parliament has claimed its first scalp thanks to the increased powers bestowed upon it by the Treaty; and it has a distinctly anti-American flavor.

3. "What would've happened if...?" Interesting counterfactual historical speculation.

Representative Sample: 1920s: British returned soldiers, embittered by the "stab in the back" from the politicians who surrendered to Germany, form the kernel of a mass fascist movement. In the mid-1930s, a charismatic war poet, backed by the army and the people, seizes power as "Lord Protector"

4. "Turtleism in the Age of Reason" Turtleist apologetics.

Representative Sample:In years past, our faith in Our Almighty Turtle was dismissed as a blind faith as if the number of Turtleists itself did not prove the existence of the Turtle. However, we are here to assert that our faith is based on real evidence, and it is the Aturtleists who are dependent on faith in science and a misguided logic. I, for one, don’t have enough faith to be an Aturtleist.

5. "Israel Upgrades Its Antimissile Plans" For obvious reasons.

Representative Sample: given the urgent need to meet the growing ballistic missile threat from Iran, IAI is pressing ahead with the Arrow-3 antiballistic missile, the development of which is being funded partly by the U.S.

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