Wednesday, February 17, 2010

HOT5 Daily 2/17/2010

1. "Is Israel-Bashing Anti-Semitic?" Not always, but sometimes its hard to tell since the language tends to overlap.

Representative Sample: In the United States, where pro-Israel feeling runs stronger and the activist left is weaker, the delegitimization project focuses less on Israel itself, and more on Israel's supporters.

2. "Mass Delusion Sweeping Dem Base" That's a pretty normal state for them.

Representative Sample: The Democratic base has convinced itself that the problem is that Obama has not succeeded in passing health care legislation and other items on his agenda. The possibility that their agenda is being rejected by voters never enters their minds.

3. "Mo’ Nukes! Mo’ Nukes!" Let's see how long it takes to actually build some.

Representative Sample:the President’s “system of incentives” is basically a $54 billion-dollar corporate welfare program that he would be railing against if the Republicans had proposed it. This is a big win for anyone who thinks we should have an energy policy that is both environmentally and economically sound. Republicans should be gracious to the President, praise him for his first tenatives steps toward that end, and encourage him to do more of it.

4. "Hitchens - Amnesty has lost sight of its original purpose" A big understatement.

Representative Sample: The tendency of Amnesty's new direction, set a couple of decades ago now, is that it will provide a platform even for Taliban sympathisers, so long as they are willing to rail against human rights violations by the West.

5. "Atheists in Business: The Price of Prejudice" I've been open about being an atheist at three different businesses, so I found this article interesting.

Representative Sample:I've encountered prejudice of all kinds at the state university where I am employed (e.g., race, age, sexual orientation, gender, and atheism). What stands out to me is that most people seem to know that it is inappropriate and try to conceal it, except when it comes to atheists.

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